Monday, June 15, 2009

Spirit Led

Today has been a busy stressful day. All the last minute packing. Bleh.

But today I had one of thos goose bumps kind of God moments.

I was packing up my stole kit, packing the things I would not need to finish Roberts ordination stole in Omaha. As I was putting all my needed things into my tote I realized I did not have the backings to the stole pieces. Well crap. I dug through the box and they weren't there either. Man, that means I packed them at the other place.

When I went to deiliver a meal to a friend with a new baby I stopped by the house to see if I could find the box. I had no idea what the box looked like, just that they must have gotten put in with my sewing stuff. Robert and I had sorted boxes into small medium and large for the movers. So nothing was where I remembered. I started diggin in the medium box pile. Nothing. I looked at every box. Frustrated I thought either Robert can find it tomorrow, or I will buy new and cut new backs in Omaha.

As I was walking out of the bedroom, instead of flipping the light off and heading out, I closed my eyes and said "please God, show me where it is". I turned my head and saw a box, in the small box pile, that seemed to be calling my name. I didn't recognize it, couldn't say that I remembered packing it. But something told me to go over and dig it out. It was under three other boxes, and behind another stack.

As I dug, I saw my chicken scratch handwriting coming out, sure enough, it said sewing stuff. I carefully peeled the tape back, and below the teddy bear needing a nose job, and the black dress with a loose hem, were the stole pieces.

I can't say what made me look at that box. Why at that moment when I turned my head it seemed to call for me. All I do know is that it was spirit led!

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  1. Whew! I thank God that He helps us in our every-day moments, too.

    Are you settled? Looking forward to an update when you have the chance. ... I've met your friend Lindy through her blog. Love her already!