Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lower your lead!

The levels are coming down since the school moved us out of the old house and into the apartments. Brigid measured 22 last Thursday, which is a huge drop from 37.2. She seems to be doing great, and has an appt with the developmental specialist on Wednesday to make sure she has not had any side effects. Clara, Jack, Robert and I all tested very low, and have not encountered the poisoning Brigid did. Brigid will be tested once a month until she get less than 18, then every 3 months until she is less than 10 twice in a row. Then it will be annually with her regular checkups. Thanks be to God for technology and medical teams! We are lowering her lead!


  1. So glad to hear of your good reports!

  2. Just found you. I too am a pastor's wife, and we are literally in the midst of a move also, as I speak. If you have time, check out my blog...(PW~the real me) is the most latest. I did start with three others, but have since merged them into one. I love the Dakotas. Hubby's first church out of seminary was there... Anyways, I'll be back to read your previous posts. SO glad to meet you. I'm going to follow you too as a follower.