Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our "almost" new home

 We visited Crosby again from May 28-June3rd. Robert interviewed with the council and they voted unanimously to reccomend him to the congregation. The vote will be June 14th. We already have the moving truck in the works (yah for professional movers) and will be loading in Dubuque on the 16th. We will spend some time in Omaha and Lincoln before heading to Crosby on the 6th or 7th of July. They are doing a whole bunch of renovations to the parsonage so it could be as late as the 10th before we get there. 

Crosby feels so right for us. It seems to be just what we've been looking. And Robert seems to be the pastor they have been looking for! I really feel like God's hand has been guiding us through this whole process. Like from the very begining he's been walking with us. From delaying Robert's candidicy for a year becasue of the poky Nebraska synod, all the way through graduation. If we'd of come to seminary a year earlier, all this would be so differnt. I would probably not be in love with a town called Crosby! 

The schools are great, and the elementary and the high school are a short walk from the parsonage. I can see the playground from my front yard. The church is super close, as in Robert is standing on the church sidewalk taking the above picture of the parsonage. Literally right across the street. 50 steps from the backdoor. We love it! The town has 4 resturants to choose from, a nice grocery store, drug store, and hardware store. Crosby also has a book store, a fabric store, and an automotives parts store. Anything you could need. The county building is right next to the church. So we can walk to renew our drivers liceneses and plates. Ironic! 

The people were so warm and inviting. Everyone was so happy to see a young family with two little kiddos! We are excited to live and grow and thrive in the community. They have tons of activites from legion baseball, to gymnastics in the fall/winter, high school football, a great hockey program, curling (I'm so excited to learn to do that!), a swimming pool, and antique tractor threshing bee in the summer, and so much more to do! I'm really in love with this little town and so excited to become a part of the community. 

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