Saturday, April 18, 2009


As some of you know, but most of you don't... we are not going to Western North Dakota for interviews this weekend. Boo! That makes me sad. We got a call on Thursday that our train, which was set to depart in just over 24 hours, had been cancelled with no other service available. We were told Amtrak made the decision for the safety of it's passengers to not continue rail service west of Minneapolis for the time being due to flood waters. They are taking it day by day, and didn't have a date when service would be restored. Great. So after many phone calls, and trying to figure out how we would get there... Robert and the call committee chairs decided to reschedule for the first weekend in May. Driving would have been 14+ hours in the car with the girls, and flying would have cost $1500 for one ticket. Both of those just not an option. The call committees were sad we could not make the trip, but very understanding.

Honestly I was heartbroken, at first. I had my heart set on the train trip, meeting people, seeing the parsonages and churches, and getting this process really going. And I pondered and prayed about this whole thing. I needed reasons. Wondering why I'm in such a hurry, not sure how on earth we would have made this trip work, knowing Robert had lots of homework to finish. That's a good reason. I'm getting sick with a sore throat and nagging cough, Brigid is also sick with the start of what I hope will be a short lived cold. Lots of reasons why this weekend was not a good one to go on a trip. We were all exhausted still from the trip to Nebraska for baptism. More reasons. Boxes need to be packed, I had to work on Friday. Good reasons. The time just wasn't right. Reasons.

While all of these reasons I listed may not be why the trip was cancelled, I know God has a plan of for us. He has his reasons.

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  1. Oh Chrissy! My heart is breaking for you. Yet, I'm inspired by your ability to sit back and realize that God "has his reasons." Take care. Will be back soon to see what the latest is!