Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a fast as I can handle.

Well, it's time. We leave on Friday afternoon for interviews in two towns. I'm so very excited about it! It's going to be a terribly busy trip. We leave on Friday afternoon to catch the train in LaCross Wisconsin. We'll board the train around 8pm. We've got the family bedroom, as we are taking the two little ones with us. The logisitics of taking the train are mind boggling. Traveling with two small children, and our destination does not have checked baggage, so everything must be carried on. So much to take. Beds for the kids, suitcases, baby bjorn, diapers, snacks, computer, both car seats... whoa. But I have the feeling God's going to be on our side with this trip. I just know there will be helping hands... more then we can imagine. Robert will be preaching at one of the congregations so I'll be single mommy in the pews. Just so different with two!

I'm so excited for this trip, to see where we might be living, to meet the people. And to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. This whole seminary journey is ending. We're coming so close so fast. Graduation is in a month. Everything is happening so fast now! We started packing a couple of boxes. Packing up the office, so everything can be moved into the office as we pack other rooms. It's coming so fast. We could be moving in two months. Wow. So fast!

God is working in our lives. Bringing us close together as a family. He's been working on our hearts, opening us up to new experiences. He's been working fast. At Christmas time I was thinkng there is no way I'm ready for this. Not ready for graduation and interviews... then Clara came, assignments came, synods came, phone calls from congragations came, and now interviews come. So fast... seems like yesterday we moved back to Dubuque for senior year. Now it's almost time to move out. But God is with us in all this. Even though it's fast, I know I can count on Him. He will only take it as fast as I can handle. Through God all things are possible. Even this!

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