Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why I blog.. outlet

Blogging is an outlet for me. My friend Jennifer at Getting Down With Jesus (whom I've known long before blogging times) posed the question "why I blog" to her readers. My blog is kind of a journal I guess. I only have a few readers, or a few who comment. Most of my posts don't get comments, which is okay. I like to just write them down. I vent, I think things out, I talk to God. And I guess maybe, some day, some scared wife will read my blog and see it's not so bad being a pastor's wife, and maybe her husband's calling to seminary is a good thing, and she should trust in the Lord and follow him (him her husband, as well as Him). So I guess I can say I blog to make a difference to the one person who might google "pastor's wife" and get my blog and read it on a day that I post something awesome... or maybe she'll be inspired. Who knows.... so many possibilities on this world wide web!


  1. I think you are blessing more people than you might realize. I'm one of them! And I'm not even a pastor's wife. :-)

  2. this is weird,I just decided to open up your blog as the name Crosby caught my attention in your blog..I have no idea if this is Crosby,Mn or not..I doubt..regardles, I love what you are saying and feeling..Moving..not easy and someday we are facing that after 40 years in our old house. We have a cabin near Longville,Mn..One of my best friends is a former pastor's wives..Difficult place to be as pasotr's wives are never what WE think they should be..You are human like everyone else..just be yourself..By the way, I am proud to say I am Getting Down with Jesus' Mom.