Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Alright. This has been a process, and will continue to be a process. Process, trust the process, flow with the process, know the process, blah blah blah process. Anyways....

On April 30th we embarked on Amtrak from LaCrosse Wisconsin to Stanley North Dakota. Two children and all their "stuff" in tow. We boarded the train. Robert interviewed in Stanley and Crosby North Dakota. Both were wonderful places. The congregation in Crosby seems to be a better fit for Robert's ministry style. After the interview, and careful, prayerful contemplation, we called Crosby and let them know we were with them. Kind fells like we're dating :) Cute!

So on Thursday the 6th of May, the call committee from Crosby recommended Robert to their council. The council would like us to visit again. So we booked another train trip for May 28th. Robert will interview with the council on Saturday the 30th, and if all goes well the council will recommend him to the congregation for a vote. The congregational vote will be June 14th. We don't have a start date. I'm sure that will be talked about on Saturday the 30th. Robert will also preach on Sunday the 31st, and they are having a fellowship coffee between services for people to meet us. It will be a busy weekend!

Ordination is tentatively set for the 30th of June. That's a Tuesday. Bishop Narum wanted to come for it, and that's what works into his, and hopefully everyone else's schedule whom Robert wants to be a part of the service.

Wow, this is all happening so fast. Weren't we just packing up from internship?

This whole process has been a whirlwind. I'm so glad I was able to sit back and just let the process do it's thing. I really think the process (and the humans involved in it) have found a great fit for Robert. We'll let you know how the final steps of the process go.

Trusting the process! Trusting in God's process!


  1. I don't think "trusting the process" ever ends in ministry. It's always something different. We can't wait to hear more and we'll be there for the ordination on the 30th! We won't forget the date since it will be Martin's birthday!

  2. Don't forget to trust God first. Then, the process is much easier to take. ;)