Friday, March 27, 2009

No Net!

We got paperwork in the mail yesterday. That's exciting. Two congregations. Both look promising. We have to get the complete binder of information on one of them from another student here who is also looking at that congregation. So we will have more info about it a little later.

After looking through the paperwork I realize, this is real. There is no going back now. I can't decide I want to move back to Nebraska. I guess I've always looked at seminary would end and that we would be going back to "normal" life. Normal life is going to be Western North Dakota. It's kind of sinking in now. Family is 15 hours away. That's so far.

The call is happening now. We feel called as a family to pursue this ministry. We feel called to move where we are needed, and we feel that God has called us to Western North Dakota to serve his people there. For four long years it's been waiting. I felt the call a little stronger on internship, I know Robert will say the same thing. But for the most part it's been four years of questions. I know those questions won't end with graduation, but it just feels like this chapter is our lives is closing. The safety net is being pulled away and here we teeter on the tight rope... no net! The safety of "learning time" is gone, and it's real world here we come! It's just so scary without that net!

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  1. Even without the safety net, you're cradled safely in His hands. God bless you as you take this next step of faith.