Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crosby, it just feel so right

We are just a few days shy of the two month mark. My days have been filled with emptying boxes, moving stuff around for a better fit, keeping the house clean for those "unexpected" knocks on the door, and running after two, yes two, very mobile children.

A few updates on the kiddos. Brigid is getting so big. She talks like a 4 yr old in sentences and will repeat anything (like shut up Jack)!! Clara is doing everything she can to catch up to big sister including starting to crawl about 2 weeks ago, and getting her first two about 1 week ago. She tries to pull herself up to stand, and is much more of a challenge than Brigid ever was. She is my needy demanding child.

Our time here in Crosby has had it's fair share of ups and downs. Of course you remember the downs... but there are some great ups I also remember.

Recently we had the unfortunate and tragic strike. A young congregation member died of a suspected heart attack while playing basketball at the school. He was a much loved, talented, bright young kid. I had seen him around town but never had the pleasure of meeting him. Which could perhaps have been one small blessing in this horrible deal. I was able to step back and be helpful and supportive as Robert tackled one of the most difficult times that his ministry will probably ever face.

I still struggle with confidentiality, even though Robert has been doing great with it. It's my natural thing to ask him how his day was, what he did, and there is just a whole lot he can't share with me. Which is okay. I just have to remember not to ask! It's a tough part of being a pastor's wife. He can't usually share much of anything with you. Just one more way our lives are a little bit different then everyone else.

Having two small children in the pew with me on Sunday, I struggle to find my spiritual time. I have started using "motivated mommies" check list that has a bible reading for the day, as well as having a spot to check off "quiet time"! This has helped me some, when I make it a priority to sit down and do it. Quiet prayer has never been a special strength of mine. Robert is asking the worship planning committee if they would consider using fresh bread for communion. That is one spiritual practice I enjoy. I have also baked cookies for fellowship coffee time, another spiritual practice of mine. Perhaps I need to find more ways to do some cooking :)

This whole journey thus far has felt so spirit led. I continue to see signs from God affirming our decision to come to this place, and love these people. Even though we are 812 miles (not that I'm counting) from my door step to my mom's door step, I still feel like this is the place we need to be right now. It feels so wonderful to be so loved by this community, and they are so excited we are here. I enjoy walking down the street seeing faces I know, not needing my library card to check out a book, and knowing my buddy Brian down at the hardware store can help me out with whatever project I come up with next!!

I can't put my finger on it, but it just feels so right here in Crosby. Like the Lord led us to this place to grow, be challenged, live, and thrive. Thanks be to God for this place.

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  1. It is such a joy to hear about your time in your new home. And good for you -- to continue to seek quiet time even as you are so busy with two children and making all these new adjustments. It can't be easy, but God rewards those times where we rest in His presence. Sometimes we have to shut out the noise of the world, to hear His sweet whispers. What great reward that offers ...

    God bless you, as you two continue to seek Him.